About Us

Cabana Bar is a blog for all the guys and gals that love cars and everything else that goes with it. We focus on helping, advising, educating, entertaining, and having fun. We love cars and love travelling in our sick rides. Cabana Bar is here to make your day and want you to learn a few things. No matter if you love vintage cars, soccer mom cars, or speedsters, we will have something for you to enjoy.

Austin Scollen is the man behind the wheel at Cabana Bar and the one who keeps us going and ensures that we only write the best articles for our readers. He has been a mechanic, a car salesman, and he is a collector of vintage cars from the 1950s. He definitely knows his stuff. The rest of our team come from all over and range from an amateur racer to an environmentalist. Together, we bring you all the stuff you want to know and do.

Cabana Bar loves cars, but we also love travelling and helping the environment. Sometimes we travel in style and other times we travel environmental style. No matter how we travel, we always look good.
Welcome to Cabana Bar! Enjoy the ride!