Public Transportation: Why Should You Use It? June 12, 2017 June 12, 2017 Austin Scollen

Most of you reading this probably love your car and won’t give it up for any reason. Today, we are not asking you to give it up, but to give it a break every now and then. Public transportation has many benefits that you can appreciate. Let’s have a look.
Public transportation…

…can save you money. Owning a car is not a cheap thing. Apart from car payments and insurance, you need to look at gas prices, maintenance, unexpected breakdowns, etc. If you tally these costs, it is really expensive to own a car. Using public transportation is much cheaper, even if you only do it a few days out of the week.

…is safer than a car. Vehicles of all kinds get into accidents, but cars get into way more than buses or trains. If you want to be safer when going to and from work or the store, consider using public transportation. Your chances of getting into an accident is significantly lower than when you drive your own car.

…can create time. Think about the amount of time you spend in your car every day. You can save that time and put it to better use than sitting in traffic and getting frustrated. You can study, read, prep for that meeting, relax, and meet new people. You cannot do that when you drive your own car.

…can save the planet. The world is polluted and the planet is suffering. You would be amazed to learn how much pollution your car is responsible for. If you use public transportation every now and then, you can cut down the effect you have on the planet.

If you love your car and driving too much to give it up, that’s fine. However, consider taking public transportation some days or over the weekend. Your car doesn’t need to collect dust, but you can do yourself and the environment a favour by using it less.