The Top 5 Most Reliable Cars in the World June 12, 2017 June 12, 2017 Austin Scollen

Most people want to have a car that is reliable. This is especially true for people with families and even if you’re a racer. You always want to feel safe when you’re driving so you can enjoy the experience. Every year, a list of the most reliable cars is compiled. Today, we want to share the top models for reliability as voted in 2016.

1. Skoda

At the top of the list, we have Skoda. Skoda has won the first spot for the last 3 years. It keeps improving and every year the problems from the year before, become less and less. If you want reliability in your car, get a Skoda.

2. Suzuki

In second place, we have Suzuki. Suzuki wasn’t always the most popular car, but it has made a name for itself and keeps getting better. It overtook Kia this year and finds itself in a firm second position when it comes to reliability.

3. Kia

Kia was pushed out of second place by Suzuki, but it is still a strong competitor. It is also continuously reducing the number of problems experienced by drivers and still remains strong in the third position.

4. Peugeot

Peugeot has improved so much since last year’s results that it moved up a whole 5 spots. It still needs to improve its problem numbers to contend with the top 3, but we were impressed with its strong push up through the ranks.

5. Volkswagen

One of the world’s most popular cars is the Volkswagen. It is at number 5 this year. It moved up one spot from last year and improved its problem numbers. Not good enough to contend with the big boys yet, but always improving.

Ford and Toyota just missed the top 5 this year, but at least still made the top 10. If you are looking to buy a new model car and want reliability from your vehicle, we suggest a pick from these top 5 cars.